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The Law Office of Ann E. Rose, LLC Provides:

  • Legal Advice, Consultation and Coaching. I am always available to answer any legal questions you may have regarding your child's rights

  • PPT Meetings. I will accompany you to Planning and Placement Team (PPT) meetings and advocate on your child's behalf

  • Complete Educational Record Review. I am available to review your child's educational record to insure your child's due process rights are protected, his/her individual educational program is appropriate, and if further legal action is required.

  • Drafting of Correspondence. I will draft or assist in drafting letters to the School District on your child's behalf

  • Drafting of Special Education Complaints.  I will draft Complaints and Requests for Due Process Hearing and submit them to the appropriate Court or Agency 

  • Representation at Due Process Hearings and Mediation 

  • Federal Court Appeals

  • Full Representation or Unbundled Legal Representation Available (see description below)

What are "Unbundled Legal Services"?

     "Unbundled''' legal services can also be described as "discrete task representation". This model of representation is frequently preferable to full representation in the Special Education Law context. It maintains a collaborative relationship to the extent possible with the School District, as the Parent, not the attorney, remains in the “Driver’s Seat.” The attorney who provides a specific service to a client (who is otherwise advocating for their child on their own, pro se) is providing one service out of the possible range of "bundled" services, otherwise referred to as full representation. This type of service has always been part of the practice of law, although usually in the context of a relationship with an existing client.

What "Unbundled Legal Services" Means for Clients:

     Attorneys which are committed to the "Unbundled" concept are willing to provide limited legal services to clients. Instead of paying a large retainer up-front, which can be challenging to parents of children with special needs, a lawyer delivering limited legal services will undertake discrete tasks such as:

    • Legal advice: office visits, telephone calls, fax, mail, E-mail
    • Advice about availability of alternative means to resolving the dispute, including mediation, arbitration, additional PPT Meetings, Advisory Opinions, and Due Process Hearings.
    • Evaluation of clients' self-diagnosis of the case and advising client about legal rights.
    • Guidance and procedural information for filing or serving documents.
    • Reviewing correspondence, evaluations, medical records, IEP’s and court documents.
    • Preparing and/or suggesting documents to be prepared.
    • Factual investigation: contacting witnesses, public record searches, in-depth interview of client.
    • Legal research and analysis.
    • Discovery: interrogatories, depositions, requests for document production.
    • Planning for negotiations and PPT Meetings, including simulated role playing with client.
    • Standby telephone assistance during PPT Meetings, negotiations or settlement conferences.
    • Planning for court appearances made by client, including simulated role playing with client.
    • Backup and trouble-shooting during the trial.
    • Referring client to other counsel and to other experts.
    • Counseling client about possible appeal.
    • Procedural assistance with appeal and assisting with substantive legal argumentation in appeal.
    • Provide preventive planning and/or schedule legal check-ups.
    • Other services as needed by the client.

     The Parents remain the primary advocates for their children. In all of these situations the attorney will charge just for the limited legal services used, rather than charging a fee for management of the entire case. Clients will have to sign a Limited Retainer Agreement affirming they understand that the legal services delivered are limited in nature. However, combining legal services with self-help approaches can dramatically reduce the overall cost of legal services to the consumer and, more importantly, foster a collaborative relationship with the School District. Self-representation and purchasing limited legal services is NOT for everyone and is NOT a workable alternative for highly contested conflicts or where there is a great difference in the power relationship between the parties. In those cases a Standard Retainer Agreement for Legal Services would apply.


Please note that Limited Representation can be changed to Full Representation as the need arises. However, a separate Retainer Agreement will need to be signed and agreed to by the parties.