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About Attorney Ann Rose:

Mom of Two Children with Special Needs and Attorney

     Attorney Rose graduated in 1990 from Fairfield University with a B.A. in Political Science/Pre-Law. Thereafter she continued her education at the University of North Dakota School of Law where she graduated With Distinction in 1995.

     Her career post-Law School included a Judicial Clerkship in New Britain Superior Court, employment in the corporate legal sector, and litigation experience in the area of medical malpractice. In December of 1998 Atty. Rose gave birth to her first child and became a Stay-at-Home-Mom to her son, and later, a daughter. Both of her children have disabilities and are eligible for Special Education in Atty. Rose’s local school system.

     As an attorney and mother of two children with disabilities, she found the road to acquiring a Free and Appropriate Public Education frequently a confusing, stressful and conflictual one. When this process resulted in her requesting a Due Process Hearing, she realized that there were few affordable resources available to parents of special children. Furthermore, too few of those available truly understood what it was like to raise special children and the extent of their needs. She successfully represented herself and became fascinated, inspired and committed to the study of Special Education Law and to the representation of children with disabilities.

     She has founded her own firm and is committed to providing affordable, understanding, professional, and quality service to other parents of children with disabilities, special needs and learning differences in Connecticut.